How to attract more people to Bodrum all year around?

Tourism Challenge 1

Why do visitors to Bodrum have to go to multiple websites (travel agency, hotels, cultural) to decide on a holiday in Bodrum? Bodrum does not have a One stop Shopping solution where potential visitors can select their holiday experience based upon their wishes, interests and budget to make it a memorable experience. As a potential visitor to Bodrum, you should be able to choose your holiday location depending on your interest in culture, history, sport and food. Bodrum Visitor Information ([email protected]) portal could be an intelligent, multiple option interests solution where visitors can have access to all relevant information on what they would like to experience when they are in Bodrum such as Restaurants, Hotels, Yachting, Events, Museums and Historical Sites. Example I am Amsterdam

Tourism Challenge 2

How to improve branding and promotion of Bodrum in Social Media in Turkey and abroad?

Tourism Challenge 3

What does your dream hotel look like?
What kind of service do you expect when you are at a holiday resort?

Tourism Challenge 4

How to improve Historical sites in Bodrum? Bodrum is very rich in historical sites.
How to resurrect Mausoleum, funding and involve community support?
Explore virtually reality solutions to attract visitors

Tourism Challenge 5

How to improve the balance of supply and consumption for all Inclusive deals in Bodrum? Currently, there is no balance between supply and consumption generating in a lot of waste. What are the ways to optimize supply and consumption for the hotels?

Tourism Challenge 6

How to make the most of the holiday experience for the visitors and make sure they come back? Can we find ways to improve visitors experience while they are holidaying providing solutions to their potential issues? Can we improve customer service? Can we develop new products, experiences?

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